Know Where Your Talent is Today and Plan for Tomorrow

With a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software as a Service (SaaS) skills management tool, for each mission, the Navy and USMC can quickly, effectively and efficiently identify where assets of specific expertise are located within the organization. Job #1 is being able to quickly identify individuals needed for the mission, who hold all of the required certifications and qualifications, with a high degree of confidence you have it right. This underscores the protection and safety of military personnel.


Workforce skills management allows a unit to inventory the talent and expertise of the workforce and reconcile it against the needs of the organization and support mission readiness. Goals can be set to address specific skill needs and then compared against actual staffing to identify gaps. It also provides greater visibility into real-time readiness of selected personnel and/or capabilities.


Having the ability to plan to know where talent and expertise will be needed can serve as the foundation for establishing mission critical training and educational programs that can be certified and offer growth potential to motivate the workforce.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a key component of workforce skills management. Having teams of qualified personnel to assure “by the book” maintenance is being performed can provide significant returns on extending the life of expensive equipment. Importantly, it can prevent damage or even loss of life.


Fixed and physical Built Environment assets comprise a large portion of military installations, higher education, K12, Healthcare and State/Municipal asset management programs. Everyone understands proper asset management and maintenance is critical to remaining compliant and meeting various industry standards. Working within constrained budgeting environments, they also need to manage their assets to prevent loss, damage, and theft in order to support their respective missions. 


Workforce Management Services

Inventory and reconcile the talent and expertise of the workforce against the needs of your organization to support mission readiness.

Realizing the benefits of a centralized database to automate, track and manage all of the workforce readiness processes all from within a single web-based application. 

Creating a universal understanding of asset management and maintenance is essential in empowering the enterprise organization, leading the way for managing and reinvesting in changing mission requirements.  

Managing and tracking personnel training can be a time consuming and overwhelming. Ensuring your workforce training credentials are accurate is important when assessing the next mission’s needs and knowing who on your team has the necessary skills for execution.

As new members of your workforce arrive, tracking and maintaining their training, experience and qualifications is critical in establishing their baseline.