ALPHA provides Clean Air Act compliance technical support to the US Army Reserve 81st Readiness Division (RD). This project includes management and oversight of multiple emergency generators at 81st RD facilities, including: preparing and submitting construction/operating permits; monitoring of emissions-related metrics; compliance recordkeeping; and annual reporting. This project also includes technical support in the management of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS), namely management of tracking, collection, storage and disposal of facility and automotive refrigerants. ALPHA supports the achievement of the 81st Readiness Division (RD) air quality program goals of 1) achieving and maintaining air quality standards while decreasing emissions to protect human health and the environment and minimizing mission impacts; and 2) reducing hazardous air pollutant emissions to the extent practical and feasible. 

An asbestos inspection is a physical survey of suspect asbestos containing building materials, bulk material sampling, and analysis. Hazard assessment and response action recommendations may also be included based on client needs or regulatory requirements. The process of conducting an inspection includes review of previous inspections and lab sample results. Inspections may be based on EPA guidance such as the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air pollutants (NESHAP), or specific state or local regulations. Tools used to conduct asbestos inspections include previous inspection data, building floor plans, bulk sampling hand tools, ladders for accessing high areas, visual observations, and interviews with building managers or maintenance staff about construction and renovation history.  

By having and maintaining current asbestos inspections, our clients stay within regulation compliance and maintain a healthy, safe, and profitable environment for themselves and their building occupants. 

Asbestos abatement oversight is a service that provides independent third-party observation of an asbestos abatement response action project. During the oversight project, a certified EPA Asbestos Contractor Supervisor verifies that abatement-related actions are being done in accordance with regulations, standards, and specifications. Visual observations, regular communication, and air sample analysis are some tools used to ensure that the abatement project progresses and finishes safely and efficiently.  

An abatement project that includes such oversight helps ensure that owners and clients are protected from liability by providing the due diligence and industry standard methods for assuring human health and safety. 

ALPHA can provide environmental inspection, management and abatement oversight services that meet AHERA-Compliant Plans for managing hazardous materials in your facilities. ALPHA’s environmental professionals have over 100 combined years of experience in environmental assessments and maintain multiple EPA certifications in inspection, management planning, project design, and contractor supervision. 

ALPHA provides Clean Water Act compliance technical support to the US Army Reserve 81st Readiness Division (RD). This project includes management and oversight of compliance permits/activities related to: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater and wastewater; Stormwater No Exposure Certification (NEC) Exclusions; National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) project assessment review; management of 

onsite wetlands and waterways to ensure Section 404 of the CWA compliance; inspections; record keeping; and regulatory reporting. The 81st RD is comprised of 250+ facilities, containing hundreds of structural and water quality controls, oil water separators, grease traps, lift stations and septic tanks. Many facilities contain Section 404 jurisdictional wetlands.