Managing assets of every nature is mission critical to organizations.  Today we are challenged by managing tangible assets such as buildings, infrastructure, building and infrastructure systems and equipment;  intangible assets such as intellectual property; and, the most valuable of all assets – our people.

Building Perspective:

Delivering Value for the built environment

ALPHA Facilities Solutions provides professional asset management services that empower our clients and help assure improved performance of personnel and management of the built environment.
Asset Management Team: We provide services to federal, educational, state/municipal, and healthcare clients. With extensive global expertise, we successfully help clients achieve their goals and maximize return on investment. We provide asset management services for workforce development, capital planning, maintenance management, environmental planning, investment strategy, space planning services, and lifecycle management delivery.
Environmental Team: ALPHA has a team of expert individuals with vast experience in abatement oversight, tracking, documenting, and compliance analysis.

  • Workforce Management

    All areas of our clients’ asset management processes need people—the workforce.

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  • Technology

    IT Infrastructure Assessments provide valuable information for building a comprehensive plan for future infrastructure upgrades.

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  • Planning and Consulting

    We help our clients imagine their future growth and capital needs in order to provide forward-thinking services to reach those goals.

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  • Environmental Sciences

    Environmental Sciences are a core business at ALPHA.

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  • Energy

    We preform detailed examinations of how facilities use energy and provide a set of recommendations to reduce the energy costs.  

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  • Built Environment

    We are professionally and personally committed to helping our clients optimize the maximum value of their built environment and the purpose they are intended to support.

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