ALPHA Facilities Solutions offers a different kind of engineering service. We assess facility assets in order to give perspective to facility decision makers for better management and performance of those assets over time. This includes data organization, providing capital planning assistance, and access to resources and services that will advance the sustainability of a facility.


Managing assets of every nature is mission critical to organizations. Today we are challenged by managing tangible assets such as buildings, infrastructure, building and infrastructure systems and equipment; intangible assets such as intellectual property; and, the most valuable of all assets – our people.

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Whether your student body is growing, or your facilities are aging, having the right data to tell the story of your school is important. With the data provided from our assessments we empower educational institutions to assure students have a safe and suitable learning environment.

K-12 Specific: We have helped schools effectively communicate current and projected needs to Board Members and their community and in turn, helped them secure millions of dollars in bonds.

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Developed from an expanding interest regarding the efficient use of public sector resources, a growing need has been introduced to responsibly manage complex portfolios with a diversified set of constructed facilities. With clear and actionable data, the needs of the portfolio can be illustrated to justify funding for maintenance and reinvestment to lengthen the service life of your assets.

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In the healthcare environment, keeping your facilities in excellent shape and knowing the status of all your assets is key. Realizing the benefits of accurate data, the healthcare organization is enabled to spend more time focusing on patients.

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Country Clubs

The golf industry faces unique challenges in regard to their facilities and asset management programs. Improvements generally require additional member dues or increased daily rates and an unexpected asset failure mid-season negatively impacts your club’s bottom line. From an asset management perspective, ALPHA provides a turn-key solution to the golf industry’s unique budget challenges and delivers defensible data to be used when producing long term capital forecasting budgets and preventive maintenance plans.

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