GSA Contracting Officer CPAR

  • January 6, 2022
  • by admin

Alpha Facilities Solutions consistently has met all scheduled deliverables, milestones and requirements. Timeliness of reports, documentation, and performance has been excellent. When workload requirements fluctuated, the contractor and its employees adjusted accordingly to meet planned activities in advance.

 The contractor has provided above standard oversight and management of all personnel with no impact on the mission. They have continued to provide stable management and skilled personnel in all positions. All personnel delivered profession and high-quality performance. The upper management has been very responsive and accommodating to ensuring any issues/concerns were resolved timely, accurately, and exceeded all required expectations.

 The contractor is committed to a high level of customer satisfaction and has been very responsive to the government’s needs. They continuously perform customer interaction to ensure quality control and requirements are being met accurately, professionally, and timely. The contractor has been very effective in establishing strong business relationships not only at the program level but also with subordinate elements in understanding and executing their needs. The strong business relations and cooperation between the government and Alpha Facility Solutions have mitigated issues/problems impacting contract performance.