As professional assessors, we use state-of-the-art capital planning software to collect, process, and project capital renewal requirements. By having a fully populated facility database, our clients have a foundation in place to communicate financial needs to sustain the portfolio, prioritize projects, and track progress toward achieving the desired building conditions.

We work with clients to create custom Energy Audits that conform to ASHRAE Level requirements. Depending on our client’s goals, we offer solutions in achieving 100% zero carbon, identifying Power Generation Opportunities (PGO), renewables planning, lighting replacement and more.

The ALPHA team qualifications consist of professional industrial hygienists (IH), environmental scientists, Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) certified Building Inspectors, Management Planners, Contractor Supervisors, and Project Designers, and certified mold specialists. Further, our analysis laboratory, RJ Lee Group, has been working with the team for decades and is a respected leader in environmental analysis and consulting.

Prominent in the asbestos management and hazardous materials industry, ALPHA uses its MP763™ data system to collect, analyze, report, and manage important information gathered before, during, and after site surveys.  ALPHA staff has been using such a system for over 20 years to inspect and manage hazardous materials for clients’ portfolios all over the world.  

As part of your facility condition assessment or as a stand-alone service, we will provide an inventory of fixed, visible and accessible building equipment. This includes documenting manufacturer, model, serial number, capacities, horsepower, voltage, date placed in service, refrigerant type etc. We can also affix a durable barcode tag to each piece of equipment. 

Dedicated professionals will evaluate the condition of your major building systems and infrastructure so that we can estimate the remaining service life for purposes of capital renewal forecasting. The data is then uploaded into your preferred capital planning software for long-term planning purposes. In addition to your capital planning solution being fully populated and ready for you to maintain, a comprehensive report will be prepared for your use in documenting the financial needs of your facilities and prioritizing projects.

From the boiler room to the boardroom, data is an asset and key enabler for decision makers at every level of your organization. After the condition assessments are complete, forecasts for the renewal of building systems will be developed through life-cycle analysis. These forecasts will assist in the creation of budgets for capital renewal. This data can be also be used to communicate financial needs to decision-makers.

IT Infrastructure Assessments provide valuable information for identifying issues that require immediate attention, capturing a snapshot of the current situation, avoiding outages or serious downtime, communicating need to decision makers and setting the stage for building a comprehensive plan for future infrastructure upgrades. 

A key step in populating your facilities management solution is establishing preventive maintenance schedules. We will work with you to develop planned maintenance actions and scheduling sequences based on industry best practices. This will allow you to customize your planned maintenance program.

Real Property is generally defined as any immovable property, and the enhancements made to it. Real Property Inventory, or RPI, is an organization of assets that include land, building and related machinery records and appraisals. With RPI services, keeping track of property and accessing information for audits and tax purposes is simplified and more reliable. 
An assessment of the facility includes comprehensive records with photos of all the assets on site. Once the system-wide standard for organization is in place, adding and removing items becomes streamlined and simple

Real Property asset folders, while informative, often miss updates made by inventory adjustments. The reconciliation of Asset folders will incorporate up-to-date information per system of record, with source documentation supporting all actions concerning individual assets. This information is known or determined by the installation through normal Real Property activity.

A Facility Use Study (FUS) is conducted to evaluate the demands on a facility based on how it is being used. Information collected is used to monitor the level of efficiency of the facility, to plan budgets, and prioritize improvements. ALPHA can help you optimize the space you have or help you with a Master Plan for expansion. 

Water, which was once an abundant natural resource, is quickly becoming a valuable commodity. The proper stewardship of this resource belongs to each of us, and its use within facilities can be a major factor. Water Resource Management is a key component of Facility Asset Management service offerings. Alpha offers a variety of analysis and planning services to support water conservation and grounds management initiatives including:

  • Water Management Plans
  • Condensate Recovery Studies
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Irrigation System Assessments