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Facility Condition Assessments
An audit service for your facilities is available for multiple system categories and levels of evaluation. Systems are reviewed for deficiencies in functional adequacy, efficiency, safety concerns, condition and for code adherence.

Assessment Categories: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP); Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC); Architectural Systems (building envelope); Life Safety; Environmental; and Consumer Products (Playgrounds).

5 Evaluation Levels: Evaluation coverage ranges from a Review of current database information to a Project Assessment-Level III (an evaluation that is fully integrated – deficiencies (descriptions / pictures), reporting (identifying trends, assigning cost model, expiration timelines, plans to implement changes), CAFM (update or create database, organize and develop reporting tools), and updating BIM / CAD drawings.

Environmental & Hazardous Materials Services
ALPHA can provide environmental inspection, management and abatement oversight services that meet AHERA-Compliant Plans for managing hazardous materials in your facilities. ALPHA’s environmental professionals have over 100 combined years of experience in environmental assessments and maintain multiple EPA certifications in inspection, management planning, project design, and contractor supervision.

ALPHA services public, commercial, industrial, healthcare and governmental facilities. ALPHA’S environmental
 consultants provide services globally, including the US, UK, European Union, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and US protectorates.

Real Property Inventory (RPI)
Real Property is generally defined as any immovable property, and the enhancements made to it. Real Property Inventory, or RPI, is an organization of assets that include land, building and related machinery records and appraisals. With RPI services, keeping track of property and accessing information for audits and tax purposes is simplified and more reliable.

An assessment of the facility includes comprehensive records with photos of all the assets on site. Once the system-wide standard for organization is in place, adding and removing items becomes streamlined and simple.

Property File Initial Breakout & Classification
Research and Data Calls
Field Validation & Correction of Real Property
Field Validation Analysis & Quality Control
Real Property Inventory Support
Audit & Reporting of Asset Files

Energy Assessments
As part of a total facility condition assessment, energy management, conservation evaluations, and audits can be added to a scope of work to make the complete process even more efficient. ALPHA works to identify building-specific systems where readily achievable energy conservation opportunities exist, and integrates those recommendations into the overall capital plan. Evaluations are based on LEED® reference materials for Green Building Operations and Maintenance and on ASHRAE standards for Level 1 and Level 2 energy audits. Unique building scoring metrics and benchmarking are capable of being developed along with flexible, custom databases.

ADA / ABA Life Safety Assessments
American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) / Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Life Safety Assessments determine if your facilities are up to the correct code of standards. This assessment is important to your patrons and your organization. Adhering to these laws is more than just for maintaining a safe environment, but also minimizing potential lawsuit vulnerability, and maximizing facility access and usability. ALPHA has trained professionals who know the laws and who are able to inspect your site and report any corrections that need to be made.

Facility Use Studies
A Facility Use Study (FUS) is conducted to evaluate the demands on a facility based on how it is being used. Information collected is used to monitor the level of efficiency of the facility, to plan budgets, and prioritize improvements. ALPHA can help you optimize the space you have or help you with a Master Plan for expansion.

Pavement Condition Assessments
ALPHA performs physical condition assessments of paved surfaces to document the current condition of the pavement. Defects are classified into distress categories (cracking, surface defects, pavement deformation, subgrade failure). Assessment protocols follow Uniformat classifications of G2010 Roadways, G2020 Parking Lots, G2023 Pedestrian Paving.

Playground Safety Assessments
• More than 215,000 public playground injuries occur each year.
• 79% of all playground injuries are the result of falls.
• Playground hazards are the responsibility of owners, operators, designers, manufacturers, and all other caretakers on the playground.

More playground assessment resources here.
Surprisingly, consumer product safety requirements concerning playground equipment at schools and public areas are not always closely monitored. It’s important to get an independent 3rd party review to verify that equipment is up to standards and the potential risks associated with playgrounds are mitigated appropriately. Some risks are hard to see, having a trained professional searching for dangers associated with slipping, insects, security, and litter will help create a safe and happy environment for playing children. By having this assessment performed you can increase the safety of the children at your facility, and demonstrate the utmost importance of safety to your community and organization.

Functional Adequacy Assessments
ALPHA can directly assist in the development of functional adequacy standards. These standards will be used to determine needed facility upgrades in order to meet the requirements or standards. The assessment will include, but is not limited to, the following adequacy elements. We understand these elements are intended as a guide for an educational facility and are not considered a complete list of functional adequacy standards.

  • Capacity: Measure of actual enrollment against an optimum standard that enables organizations to identify overcrowding or underutilized spaces.
  • Facility curriculum support: Survey how facilities meet standards and support specific functions, to include classrooms and other areas.
  • Technological infrastructure: Evaluate facility support of LANs, WANs, classroom computers, cable TV access, data drops and other information systems support.
  • Security: Measure security and safety standards at three levels: site, building and room.
  • Instructional aids: Provide an inventory of instructional aids. For example, at the classroom level, aids may include marker boards, storage rooms, fixed screens, digital projectors, fixed TVs and tack-boards.
  • Space characteristics: Determine how room sizes and configurations do or do not support the room’s functions and educational processes.
  • Learning environment: Evaluate light levels, acoustics and other characteristics that contribute to barrier-free learning.
  • Relationships of spaces: Evaluate how well educational, administrative and other areas relate to each other and support mission critical objectives.

Equipment Inventory
ALPHA can provide an inventory of fixed, visibly accessible building equipment that includes the following, or as otherwise defined:
• Air-handling units
• Boilers
• Chillers
• Circulation pumps
• Cooling towers
• Elevator motors
• Exhaust/ventilation fans
• Fire alarms
• Fire-sprinkler pumps
• Main switchgear
• Rooftop air-conditioning units
• Sump pumps

An inventory of equipment can be stored efficiently within a custom database or in off-the-shelf software solutions. ALPHA will collect the following data where applicable for each component, or as otherwise defined:
• Manufacturer and Model
• Serial Number
• Capacities
• Horsepower
• Voltage
• Location by building, floor
• Date placed in service (if available)
• Inventory tag number (attached to the component)
• Refrigerant type, if applicable and available
• Photovoltaic Information

We can also affix a highly durable barcode tag to each piece of equipment for ease of records and monitoring.

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