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Lifecycle Management (LM)
LM is based on the notion that collaborative design and construction projects must add value to the owner beyond the classical budgeted and timely delivery of a building project. When applied within the FAM paradigm LM synergistically drives value from each of the facility management lifecycle segments: Assessments - Planning - Design - Construction - Operations & Maintenance.

Maintenance & Capital Planning
Facility assessment is an integral part of capital planning activities. Funding requirements and project priorities are determined more accurately with a thorough understanding of the asset's current conditions. With these data points, ALPHA can assist you in calculating funding requirements, developing a plan for prioritizing efforts and grouping repairs based on lifecycle projections to maximize dollar efficiency for your long-term ROI (return on investment).

Master Planning
Master Planning is the comprehensive review, development, implementation and monitoring of a facility management program. An organization needs to map out a strategic set of steps to meet their short and long-term goals. It's important to mind the overall objective over the lifecycle of a facility to assure the vision and standards don’t get lost over time. A good facility plan will address the needs and projected needs of all users of a facility. It will look at issues objectively and evaluate any alternative solutions that will help satisfy the goals of the facility.

Program Planning
Program Planning is adopting a Facility Asset Management (FAM) approach that integrates elements to maximize operational and asset lifecycle efficiencies into a multi-party team to increase return on equity by decreasing design and construction change orders, and lifecycle and operational costs of owner-operated facilities. FAM fully embraces the professional fields of facility management, construction management, and A/E design and further incorporates lifecycle economics; financial, capital and resource management; and the direct application of many decision and information management practices.

Maintenance Schedule Development
Proper building and equipment maintenance directly affects the length of its useful life. Insufficient maintenance schedules leave resources in ill repair, increasing the difficulty of maintaining asset usability as well as the chances that the asset will reach failing status rendering it unusable too early. The replacement or major renovation cost of repairing an asset unmaintained will cost multiples more than the regular upkeep. Additionally, we should consider the cost of the equipment being out of service.

With ALPHA’s Maintenance Scheduling Program services, we can set up a schedule that will balance your needs and resources to develop a schedule that best insures the overall health of your properties and assets. During the evaluation, consideration of repairs and projects will require us to designate repairs as major or minor. A major repair project warrants a review of minor systems involved so that determinations may be made as to whether the subsystems should be replaced concurrently. When planning for minor repairs, these can often effectively be planned and corrected with minimal impact on the surrounding or affected systems.

Preventive Maintenance Program
Preventive maintenance programs work to prevent equipment failures before they occur. This proactive approach aims at decreasing the variability in your operations that causes efficiency ratings to fall and the stress of unanticipated maintenance issues on resources and budgets. Maintaining a quality, functional environment is critical to facility users having a safe and comfortable experience. Neglect to the facility inevitably leads to negative experiences, press and attention. Understand the risks, and avoid the consequences. Prevention is the best medicine.

Budget Development & Jurisdiction
The availability of resources determines the limitations of all projects. With a thorough assessment of a facilities condition, a clear presentation of deficiencies and the assignment of a detailed cost model, your budget requests are more likely to be understood and prioritized. From a clear assessment of the demands of your facility ALPHA can help develop a scope of work for the resolution of those facility needs that will match your available or projected budget, determine funding allocation priority and assign jurisdiction or responsibility for each component of the scope of work.

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