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ALPHA Facilities Solutions is a worldwide provider of facility condition assessment, capital planning, maintenance management, investment strategy, space planning services, and lifecycle management delivery. We provide services to federal, educational, state/municipal, and healthcare clients. With extensive worldwide expertise, we have a successful track record for helping clients achieve their goals and maximize return on investment.

A Message

From Alpha

We are in business to serve the higher purpose of helping all facility owners and operators to be better stewards of their facility assets therein providing all those that use them a safer and more functionally fit environment in which to live, work and play.

We hold the truth of this purpose to be self-evident in all we do by creating a team with unwavering integrity and steadfast spirit and dedication to serve this purpose. So, we move forward each day with renewed spirit, aspiration and focus to build —

One business…

For all markets…

With the scales of success measuring value to the client, the people and organization serving the client.


We measure and deliver quality on three levels:
  1. The quality of our service: the way we work with our clients and the project team.
  2. The quality of our technical work: the accuracy and the completeness of our reports and studies.
  3. The quality of the final project: the conformance to requirements and suitability to purpose in the completed project.


At ALPHA, we view every client as a client for life and taking care of our clients is Priority 1 – followed closely by taking care of the people taking care of our clients.  Our staff takes pride in their responsiveness to client needs and directing extra resources to complete priority projects in record time.  ALPHA is passionate about helping clients be the best asset managers they can be and have helped them secure over $9 Billion in funding to reinvest in their facilities.  ALPHA’s client focused culture is showcased through the Government’s rigorous Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs) rating where ALPHA is consistently rated as “Exceptional” across Quality, Schedule, Cost Control, Management and Regulatory Compliance.

Our team of experts

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Kathleen Garcia

Operations Director
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Keith Jones

Principal / Program Manager / Director of Water Resource Management
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Kimberley Jones

Director of Business Development / Program Principal
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Keith Plummer

Director of Client Technology Services
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Steve Desrosiers

Chief Technology Officer
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Samantha Garcia

Human Resources Director

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