Getting on Top of Your Equipment Inventory and Preventive Maintenace

  • November 15, 2022
  • by admin

As a facilities manager, you know better than anyone what is required to keep your facilities working efficiently.  Having an accurate and thorough inventory of your HVAC, electrical systems, equipment, plumbing systems, conveying equipment, life safety equipment, and kitchen appliances simplifies maintenance and helps ensure that nothing falls by the wayside.  This “asset inventory” also provides important information to communicate needs and priorities to staff and crew.  And while your team can easily make a list of your equipment, the task of maintaining current, detailed information on all equipment can be tedious and time consuming.  ALPHA can help with an asset inventory and condition assessment that will help you keep your data current as time passes.

We provide the resources needed to help quickly implement an asset management program. As part of a facility condition assessment or as a stand-alone service, we will provide an inventory of fixed building equipment. This includes documenting manufacturer, model, serial number, capacities, horsepower, voltage, date placed in service, refrigerant type, etc.

We can also affix a durable barcode tag to your major pieces of equipment.

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Conveying
  • Life Safety/Security
  • Commercial Kitchen-major equipment

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Creation

Given a solid asset inventory, you can start a preventive maintenance program.  A key step in establishing such a program is populating data into your facilities management technology solution. We will work with you to develop planned maintenance actions and scheduling sequences based on industry best practices.  This will allow you to develop a customized preventive maintenance program with the following benefits.


  • Increased reporting efficiency and accuracy to justify funding and budget requests
  • A complete picture of required facility support services within a centralized database
  • Efficiency and productivity gains
  • Improved communication within the department and with end-users
  • Extended life of your equipment due to proactive, recurring maintenance
  • Reduced risk as needed maintenance is properly prioritized and executed
  • Improved accountability with accurate work tracking
  • Improved customer satisfaction through automatic status updates

We look forward to helping you start a robust Preventive Maintenance program!