Delivering Decision-Quality Facility Data Sets

  • November 15, 2022
  • by admin

Are you confident that you have the data you need to communicate your facilities funding needs? Do you have a reliable method of forecasting funding requirements?  Do you have adequate staff?  Are you choosing projects or are they choosing you?  In our role as trusted advisors, we at ALPHA Facilities Solutions have found that our clients often face the strategic planning challenges revealed in this series of questions.

Numbers don’t lie!  And having decision-quality data is imperative for evaluating and communicating funding needs.  Here at ALPHA, we understand that, so let’s talk numbers!  There will always be a need for maintenance, but how do you know how to rack-n-stack your priorities?


ALPHA can help – we assess and inventory your facilities and equipment and then calculate and prioritize key performance indicators that reveal your facilities, maintenance and operation needs.

Here’s how it works: we take the total deficiencies in any given building or piece of equipment and divide it by the amount it would cost to replace it.  Then we multiply that number by 100 and the result is the facility condition index or FCI.  The lower the percentage, the better off you are.  But when an FCI reaches 50-60%, we suggest preparing for renovation or replacement.

Facility Condition Index Formula

ALPHA Facilities Solutions provides you with data and information – in written reports and living within your preferred technology solution, which allow you to easily communicate needs, prioritize funding, and optimize your workforce for future years.   We look forward to helping you!