Data is an Asset, Too

  • November 15, 2022
  • by admin

When it comes to a school budget, it can be hard to communicate the value of facility improvements and preventative maintenance without supporting data.  Communities and decision makers may find it easier to support a fresh coat of paint or new technology than to invest in the unseen infrastructure that keeps indoor environments clean and dry.  New boilers, roofs and plumbing may never become priorities unless these needs can be communicated using clear data and visual presentation.  Data then becomes the asset for forward-thinking facilities and operations managers to communicate their needs.  Good data provides what is needed to move from “reactive” to “preventative” maintenance and to forecast future needs and costs.

Here is where ALPHA Facilities Solution can help.  We conduct facility condition assessments that provide dependable information so that a school district, municipality, or other institution can understand, prioritize, and plan current and future needs with authority and confidence.


When condition assessment data is coupled with a thorough inventory of equipment and preventive maintenance schedules, then data comes alive, allowing a maintenance team to stay on top of filter changes and regular cleanings and lengthening the life of systems, equipment, and appliances.

In the long run, accurate and up-to-date data is a critical asset for everyone in a community!  We are ALPHA Facilities Solutions.  We are experts at gathering facility data and information and we look forward to helping you!